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To say that these are difficult times in which to be running any kind of organisation would be a huge understatement.  The combination of rapid technological change with financial/economic uncertainty and the operational/logistical challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath has made forecasting, planning and control virtually impossible.  Unprecedented challenges need new solutions. 


The Leading for the Creative Economy programme developed by VINASHA  Academy and delivered in partnership with Surrey IDEA will employ an innovative, tailored approach to help participants develop the knowledge, skills, approaches and innovative mindset they will need to navigate their path through these turbulent times. 

Specifically, the programme will use innovation sprint methodology to apply learning to individuals’ specific work situations and challenges, ensuring that new skills and understanding are fully internalised and benifited from.

Aims of the Programme

The overall aim of this innovative new programme is to equip leaders with the skills and approaches they will need to grow and develop their creative projects and organisations in these exceptionally difficult times.  Specifically, on completion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the new operating context and the challenges and opportunities that this presents for creative organisations;

  • Be able to analyse their own business challenges more accurately, understand key strategy tools and be able to apply to their own situation, enabling them to develop appropriate strategic responses to their individual challenges;

  • Understand business finance and the main financial documents required to plan, manage and control their business effectively;

  • Appreciate their own leadership style and how this impacts on their teams and be able to adjust this style to meet the specific conditions and challenges facing them;

  • Apply their learning to their own operating environment and produce practical solutions to real-life problems.

Programme Format

The programme will be delivered through 6 online  modules over six months beginning in October 2021. 

Each module will feature 3 x 90 minute online lectures supported by web-based materials for individual study, discussions and exercises. 

Participants can attend the sessions in person or can join in online. The quality and quantity of teaching remains the same.

At the end of each module, participants will be required to produce a short assessed piece of work which will, over the course of the six months, build into a practical plan for addressing a real-life work challenge.

Guest Speakers

The programme will be punctuated with Guest Speakers from across Industries, Leadership and Creative sectors from around the world.