UK’s Creative Industries contributes almost £13 million to the UK economy every hour.

According to the Department for Digital, media, Culture and Sport 'New statistics reveal the Creative Industries sector is growing more than five times faster than the national economy... contributing more than £111bn to the UK economy in 2018 '.

There is room for you in this sector.

Beyond that there is room in every sector on the planet for your creativity.

So no matter who you are, enhancing, upskilling or learning a new creative skill will always work to your advantage.

Take a look at our short courses which run from one day to 12 weeks.

Our flagship programme is 'Leading for a Creative Economy' delivered by the University of Surrey for creative leaders and professionals and for executives and leaders who are seeking to lead more creatively within their organisations and businesses. 


Our mission is to become a leading national and global organisation providing high quality training courses for professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who wish to upskill or enhance their skills but do not have the time to go back to full time education.