Starts October 18 2021 Ends April 2022


Leading for a Creative Economy

Certified Management Course For Creative Leaders and Leaders Who want to  Lead Creatively.


Attend sessions from anywhere in the world - in person or online


Module One
Leading for a Creative Economy

What is Leadership?

Leading in turbulent/changing times. From 'Boss' to Leader. Building an authentic personal leadership brand.

Module Two
Strategic Leadership for Creative Businesses

What is strategy?

How can strategies be kept alive to changing circumstances?

Gaining corporate agreement to strategy

Module Three
Financial Management for Creative Businesses

Understanding key financial statements. Budgeting and cost control.

Investment decision making in a creative environment. 

Module Four
Leading Creative Teams

The secrets of creative collaboration. Building 'Teamthink' in organisations.

Achieving consistently brilliant results.

Module Five
Leading Sustainable Growth

Building creative organisations for long-term sustainable growth. Building international partnerships. Social enterprise as a business model.

Module Six
Leading for Innovation

Leading in the age of digital disruption.

Creating innovative environments.

Ready to find out more?

Whether you are working in government, non-profit institutions, large corporations or small companies or working within the creative sector, If you are looking to develop your creative leadership and leverage innovative practice to lead within your organisation or team then 'Leading for a Creative Economy' will provide you with the tools you need to develop your leadership and creative practice for sustainable growth. 


Participants who attend all six modules and complete all assignments to the satisfaction of the tutor team, will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion from the University of Surrey.